How implants are the Denture alternative

For many of us, losing teeth isn’t pretty. It can really reduce our health, and it can reduce our confidence. For many of us as well, we think the only way to take care of this is to get dentures, but that isn’t the case. While dentures do work great, implants are actually the new way to go. Why is that? Well, you’re about to find out why.

The first thing, is that most people are actually dissatisfied with dentures. Because of missing teeth, many people have to use dentures in order to combat this, but it actually is starting to lead to more trouble than they are worth. For example, speaking and eating causes them to slip out, which is quite embarrassing. The adhesive is there to keep them in place, but it is annoying and might not taste that great. There is also the factor that they can not only irritate you, but they actually can cause further tooth decay and even infection if they’re not fitted right. Typically, because of this, it makes these that have dentures not only have to live with them, but they also have to live with constant fillings and the like from the adjoining tooth decay.

You don’t want to live with that right? Well, try dental implants. They’re the alternative to dentures that you’re waiting for. If you have a healthy jaw and gums, this is something to seriously consider. The teeth are actually surgically implanted into the jawbone. Those that have only a couple missing teeth would rather have this over dentures. Regardless of how many missing teeth you have though, this is the ideal solution for many, so long as your gums and jaw are in the best shape.

No, if you are the type that already has had lost teeth and suffer from the embarrassment of it, it’s imperative that you look into implants. It’s not only the fact that it can hurt the confidence that you have, but it actually can harm the appearance of the mouth, causing the face shape to change, your self-confidence, the speech ability, and even the health of the teeth. You need to have something there to help keep the shape of your mouth. The problem is, dentures are way too cumbersome for what they’re worth, especially if you only have a couple of teeth missing. They’re embarrassing to put in and take out, but if you have implants, you don’t have to worry about it. These little beauties are put in the mouth, and you never have to think about them when you’re talking to others, eating, or whatever. You don’t have to worry about anything, and the peace of mind makes it worth the price. Plus, dentures cause bone loss over time, and it’s part of the reason why dental implants are being considered. Implants also don’t require special cleaning and care, and they don’t accumulate odors that are nasty, or have bad tastes.

Now, this is also the most reliable way to put in missing teeth. They’re super sturdy, meaning that you can feel them, but they won’t come you. They are fused to the jawbone, and it actually will reduce the bone volume and density. They’re also the most reliable way of replacing teeth, with a 95% success rate. They’re as durable as they get, and not only that, they don’t take super long either to put in. plus, they feel, look, and function like the teeth that you already have, so it’s not like you’re missing out on tooth much at this point. They’re honestly a gift, and they’re a treasure that you definitely should consider.

Dental implants may not be cheap, but they are the alternative to other solutions, such as dentures and the like. If you’re wondering whether or not you need these, you should talk to your Roseburg dentist. They can help you, and you’ll be able to figure out what is best for you. The main conditions are that your jaws and gums are healthy, so as long as they are, these are the best solution for you, and they are something to be majorly considered if you want.


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